Week 2017-04 – Report


Perfect this week with every day doing extensive scans, cleaning up WL etc.


Execution was daily and flawless. I took profits w/o hesitation on the trades that worked and also got out pro-actively and early after failed breakouts which also in hindsight seems reasonable especially in order to free capital for better set-ups.


No backtesting, I feel really burned out in that area, and think it is a good idea to take some break and focus more on simple set-up execution, building my habits etc.

I started the Python course last week and am now in the middle of week 3 – I am repeating the course, but I think it is really worthwile, I am getting the concepts much better. Again, I try to be cautiously optimistic and hope to finish it by next week Friday…


Very good. Picked up meditation, changed my position from lying to sitting, bought a cushion, and maybe most important: I am looking forward to doing it. Again, cautiously optimistic for now.

Also picked up sport 3 days ago, still way to go to get back into my best shape, but I am not so much behind as I thought.

Should also pick up some hand drawing or someting like that for next week.

Don’t break the chain works very well as motivation for now.


Did a few minor tweaks on my trade log and cleaned up my trading software screen set-up and screens. Nothing big, but ok.


Nothing due for this week.


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