Trade Reviews

I am reviewing my trades once a month from a qualitative perspective. Now I believe it does not make sense to review them all in the last detail, as there will be simply a lot of noise and randomness, so I thought about picking only the ones that really require some attention – I guess this will mostly be the bad examples, but so shall it be. I do not pretend to beat me up but simply find a few bad habits and hopefully improve by bringing them to the light. So here is goes…

Ticker TVPT    
Set-up  PB   Support   Short 
R  (0.7)x
Entry Trigger 13.23
Initial SL 13.97
Real Entry 13.12 11-Nov-16
Exit 1 13.61 17-Nov-16


In hindsight I think this is a very poor set-up, but that is not the main problem. My entry seems to me much worse setting it even above the high of the previous close. An entry somewhere below the set-up leg low would have been much smarter waiting for confirmation of the downtrend. The best I did was tightening my stop a few days later and getting out before losing 1R.

Ticker LVS    
Set-up  PB   LTF b/o   Long 
R  (0.4)x
Entry Trigger 60.81
Initial SL 56.30
Real Entry 62.00 21-Nov-16
Exit 1 60.19 8-Dec-16


This was a losing trade, but I think it was a good set-up and good trade management – not all good decisions will yield positive results, nor all bad decisions yield negative results. It’s a complex consolidation range with momentum to the upside. The following day LVS broke out with a gap but missed to follow through, so I tightened my SL aggressively and got out with only (0.4) R on the big black candle, which then actually set up a nice Anti, that I had on my radar but then missed.


It is quite interesting to go through the trades, and I guess I will have to do this more often. All in all I’d say that there was only one poor set-up and that the management of the trades was ok. There were quite a few examples where I got in or out at the very worst moment, but also quite a few were the luck was on my side and I think that is the way it has to be viewn: good or bad luck. I keep following my plan.

Oh, one last thing as it just happened…

I was holding GNTX into earnings BMO today with price almost at my first profit target and SL at breakeven when it opened with a huge gap lower. I knew it was going to happen and that my SL was going to be triggered, so I simply took the hit expecting it to drop further, but look what that bitch did… I got out at the open…



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