Only short set-ups today…
1) I am well served on the long side
2) Markets may need some consolidation still before breaking further up, so I do not like the ones that are pressing towards their recent highs
3) Markets are very bullish, so I also do not like the ones that are pulling back to far

$TSO – Anti Short


Anti daily, Anti monthly, almost FT daily

$DAR – Breakout Short
Seems to be hanging at a cliff, already broke down out of a range on daily/weekly and now hanging… Rejected at range 11.90-12.00 over the last 2 weeks but screening into 30min shows how a similar structure repeats on the LTF, range bouncing into LH with close at the low. Seems like if it goes below 11.80 it is lost, also whole industry waste management seems a little bit vulnerable. Most b/o fail, but this has a very nice set-up, maybe too perfect.

$USDZAR – Breakout Short
Text book range with each time lower highs and now potentially consolidating at b/o level. Would only take it if it price does not turn much higher than 13.50 from here and then trigger thru 13.20. SL around 14.20-14.50, but would tighten immediately after entry. Most b/o fail, so it is a lower probability set-up and I’d get out the first day if no momentum downwards develops.

$NI – Anti Short
Weekly Anti with a good ratio of set-up leg to consolidation range. Weak stock in weak sector and could be subtly rolling over on daily TF.

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