Week 2017-05 – Report


Perfect this week with every day doing extensive scans, cleaning up WL etc.


Execution was daily and flawless. I noticed I had missed to update the qty on my SL after taking partial profits on RCL, but noticed fortunately before any unwanted exection happened.


I was very clear that backtesting would not be my focus over the next few weeks, but I fell prey for a really interesting concept that gave my basic relative strength screen an extreme push – I should be aware that I am dangerously close to data-mining, but the concept itself makes a lot of sense and has clear impact on different data samples etc. Anyhow, I am still playing around with it. I am at danger to lose my focus on the other areas when investigating, but the fact that I worked for a few hours this week on it seems to be acceptable. I still performed my other tasks, so a little bit playing around should be ok.

I finished the Python course with mixed feelings. I did it ahead of times and completed all assignments w/o any outside help or looking up things. On the other hand there are a few concepts I am still struggling. Already started the next course, only did a 10min video yesterday, so will have to be disciplined not to lose momentum in the next days.


Keeping meditation as a habit, still waiting for my cushion… I am doing 16min a day currently, and I am working on a balance between taking it as a challenge and feeling relaxed about it. I noticed that only feeling relaxed seems currently not enough.

I did sport but my performance was surprisingly bad in terms of running. Not sure whether there is some health issue.

I did not do any other training activity beyond the Python course, I simply have to acknowledge that I cannot overfulfill my expectations when my day job does not allow it.

Don’t break the chain works very well as motivation for now.


Some work on the screen identified in Reseach to make it easily usable in Prorealtime


I checked my monthly report and found known issues I will not discuss further here.

Also reviewed my avg R per set-up etc. although the sample size is rather small after my latest clean-up and re-classification.

On Friday I noticed another error on execution: I had a buy/sell order switched but did not get execution. The positive aspect was I noticed it immediately when opening my TWS in the afternoon – on previous ocassions I was wondering about the strange color of the order… at least I learned this…




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