Week 2017-06 – Report


Perfect this week with every day doing extensive scans, cleaning up WL etc.


Execution was daily and flawless.


At the beginning of the week I kept researching an interesting concept of where to invest excess cash in the period of not favorable market set-up and was stunned by the results which look too good to be true… well, as in 100% of the previous cases they were not true… missed the roll cost for VIX futures… the concept itself is still interesting, but I have to dig in deeper.

So basically research did not feel much productive this week as my day job did not allow me to focus enough on it, and I ended up multitasking with suboptimal results… Cannot plan ahead and set challenging goals as I am entering into rough weeks in my day job, but if there is anything I’d like to achieve next week, it is progress in this area.



Finally my meditation cushion arrived. Still doing 16min a day, some days it works quite fine. Yesterday I started very poor but then really lost myself completely for albeit very short moments. Today I noticed the importance of no noise at all – should consider earplugs for cases I know in advance it will not be perfectly silent.

For Python I was really struggling as the material now gets really much more challenging and I had so little time to focus on. The positive is that although I did some days only 10-15min, I did not break the chain

Same for e.g. yesterday sport. I was about to skip and only the motivation not to break the chain made me invest 25min. Satisfied with that.



Nothing this week.



Nothing specific. I got hard hits yesterday on $MXL which gapped down into my SL. Overall trade was still profitable and I have to accept such hits.mxl.PNG

Another hard hit was $PPC. I got stopped in short at the open and saw it rushing through my Buy SL in less than 45min yielding a clean (1)R… I do not like fall into hindsight bias, but I noticed that something similar had happened to this stock twice before in the last 3 months, so while those hits are part of the game this seems to have been avoidable.ppc.PNG


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