Week 2017-07 – Report


Perfect this week with every day doing extensive scans, cleaning up WL etc.


Execution was daily and flawless.


My dayjob kept me busy all the week. I did some backtesting but the fact that I am not able to describe it without going back through my files clearly shows a lack of focus.

I should either do have a clear plan or otherwise rather relax, focus on other things and/or do more thinking, reading etc.

In summary, this has a lot of improvement potential for the next few weeks. Either focus or do nothing/read.



I felt quite some headwind also on following though here. I seem to be at a critical point, 4-5 weeks into my resolutions… were many people skip the gym the first time etc.

I had some very poor meditation session this week, yesterday I had to stop early due to interruption etc. but I am still on and now 17min (I am afraid to go too far as I had days where I was not looking forward to it).

Now the really bad:

After at least doing 10min a day for Python I skipped 2 days completely.

For sport I was not much motivated last weekend but still did 30min and pushed through. But after skipping Wednesday I forgot my towel to run during lunch break on Thursday and came home late, so had no chance to avoid my miss here. I will have to focus on making a longer chain now starting from 0.



Nothing noteworthy this week.


Nothing specific.


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