Week 2017-08 – Report


Was ok, doing my work every day, cleaning up WL etc.


Execution was daily and flawless.


Did not do so much this week. My dayjob did not take up so much time, but so much mental energy, and I am afraid to expect something similar this week.

Anyway, I had a few ideas of what to check this week. My goal for this week is to better structure the ideas before running my analysis (if at all this week).


Still feeling the headwind. No Python at all, short meditation and poor performance in physical activity. Not sure how to look at this, as there is only so much I can do and I at least followed through on the core tasks, i.e. screening, trading execution, then also meditation without fail daily, sport at least minimum requirement met and only fail (but completely) on training/Python.


In summary it is a mixed result and I will not beat myself up as long as I meet the core tasks.

Here my chain.


Introduced a new scan more by chance than anything else. Extremely simple failure test screen which is fast to go through.


Nothing specific. I took off a few trades by tightening my SL extremely close. In general I did not violate any of my trading rules, but I may want to re-check on this concept in the mid-term to ensure I am not cutting unconsiouscly my winners.

I did furthermore some general test of my trading performance and did not find any meaninful patterns to draw conclusions.


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