Week 2017-09 – Report


Was ok, doing my work every day, cleaning up WL etc.


Execution was daily but it happened twice again that I entered buy instead of sell orders. Again no damage at all, not even a missed or late trade by that and I had noticed the error reasonably fast after the order went live.



I came across a concept that put almost all my prior work upside down and I have to revisit all ideas. It is more appropiate to think about the details in my personal journal.


Pressure in my day job released mostly since Tuesday, but still feeling headwind to keep up the streak. I did not mention before but my allergies do not favor the situation, but I still hope to improve duration of meditation and pick up some training this week which seems not too stressful and by that also push into more sports.

Here my chain, still unbroken for meditation and my trading activities but not so glorious for sport and training.


Nothing noteworthy this week.


Month end and I have to work through my statements. I did some statistics last week already, so only statements.

Regarding the execution problem of repeated mess up of buy order instead of sell orders: 2 action items to solve this: a) find a way to reduce potential erroneous order entry and b) find a way to detect it immediately i.e. before sending order to exchange.

For a) I have already noticed that one of the problems is when I use the order entry mask, first select short and then afterwards change the security, the order entry mask jumps back to buy. I must establish a routine to always always choose first the security, then long/short, then qty etc. Awareness is a first step, if it does not work I may need a checklist.

For b) I need to investigate this week whether there is a way to make a long or short entry more visual in my TWS. I never execute immediately but always first visualize the entry trigger and SL in the chart, but there is no way to differentiate which is the entry trigger and which the SL. Need to find out.



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