Week 2017-10 – Report


Was ok, doing my work every day, cleaning up WL etc.


Execution was daily. I was especially aware of my sequence of order entry to avoid mixing up long and short which worked quite well for now.

Today I was about to enter an order with 400 shares instead of 40, but fortunately noticed.


I was working on the concept I mentioned last week with mixed results and conclusions. I’ll have to let it sit for a while.

There was one very simple quote at the beginning of the Chat With Traders interview with Adam Grimes that stuck with me:

Market makes a big move.

Do we position for another big move in that same direction, do we look for a reversal or is there no edge and do we do nothing?

Well, extemely simple and I’d like to focus on this for the coming week(s), structuring my work beforehand etc.


Still maintaining the chain for screening, execution and meditation unbroken which is the core of my work.

Let go off training for now and I’ll have to revisit sport in some way as I am struggling to meet 5 times a week and may need to reduce to 4 times.


Cleaned up all my old screens I did not use in a while.



I started working on my best/worst trades for the quarter. Nothing more of importance.


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