Maybe first a long needed clarification:

The set-ups I post are based on my current PF and my personal view of what would likely enhance my PF over the upcoming week.

Currently my PF is positioned mostly short with reasonably tight stops. For the beginning of the week I see 2  likely scenarios:

a) further consolidation through time in a tight range near last week’s close and

b) volatility increase and thrust downside to wash out weak longs.

I do not see a strong upside momentum as likely, at least not on Monday/Tuesday. So basically my plan for stocks is to keep my current exposure and potentially add in case the downward momentum for scenario b) develops on especially short-term Anti shorts that could pick up speed in such situation. Said this, for this week’s post I skip the long positions (at the risk of being caught on the wrong foot), although my WL is full of interesting candidates, which may become of interest towards the end of the week.


$TSLA – Anti ShortTESLA INC..png



This one would ideally see some consolidation and volatility contraction around the current price level to set up for a HTF (weekly) breakdown.


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