Week 2017-12 – Report


I was out for the first part of the week, so as anticipated and planned no screening. Returned to screening, although a little sloppy also as market conditions do not favor much activity at this point. Still it seems as it is exactly now when to find the best long candidates once the market turns back to bullish mode.


Execution was daily although I was out. I noticed that I am very uncomfortable with IAB Web Trader – need to set this up better for future situations where I cannot work with TWS. I used finally Tradingview website and my phone app to adjust trades.


I worked relentless through my shortened week. There was so much I was looking into backtesting that I am not able to remember all… In summary, I did not find much value in my FX “pattern”, but also came across some old backtests and wonder whether there is more to find when focusing on time of the day or whether this may be cherrypicking etc.

In any case, FX is of second priority. I was going through more ideas on equities that look really really promising and performance enhancing. There is still more work to do and the main focus this week shall be on progressing and structuring it into something more actionable.


Still maintaining the chain for screening, execution and meditation unbroken which is the core of my work.

Meditation is slipping too much. I only do 5min before falling asleep. Need to improve and also revisit targets for sport and training.


Worked on further screens and indicator to help me in my manual backtest exercise I am planning. Still not there yet, so some more work to do this week.


Missed on working on my business plan, but I expected this. This week is end of month, so I should do this this week and finish my best/worst trades of the quarter.


Tasks for next week

BP update

Research – set-up papertrading, i.e. work with Tradingview Pinescript – if not possible, go to Prorealtime, to build entry indicator

Research – Runaway pullbacks, slowMACD enhancement – finish and structure results


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