Trade Review -2017Q1 Losers

Coming close to the end of the quarter I thought it is a good time to review my best and worst performing trades.


The set-up was a borderline between PB weekly and BO daily. I think it was a valid set-up and the SL placement was reasonable. I got filled right at the top of a false BO, then got lucky of just not being stopped out quickly and see a quick recovery to new highs tightening my SL, but then got smashed by the huge gap through my SL. In the end I was lucky not to suffer a worse result. In any case, I think there was nothing wrong on my side, this is just the usual type of loser that happen once in a while.

$AUDUSD – PB Short (1.0)RWorstTradesAUDUSD.png

This one hurts… A very valid PB set-up, filled at the bottom, stopped out at the top only with (1.0)R to see it go off immediately to easily ~2R… This trade was actually suggested by my Waverly Advisors subscription. In hindsight I must say that I had probably chosen a slightly wider SL, but that would have been pure luck had it played out better…


Again at the risk of falling into the trap of hindsight bias, but the first thing that I noticed here is that the prior trend legs started from the bottom of the preceding pullback leg, while I opted for a breakout entry out of the consolidation, fell into the trap only to see my rather tight SL being triggered. Eventually the stock consolidated a little further and then made another move – again from the bottom of the pullback range… I think this is one I have to take on the responsibility and need to improvement.

$ROST – PB Long (0.9)RROSS STORES INC..png

This looks like a too tight stop or a too messy set-up, probably both. The momentum of the entry bar seemed very good, the tight consolidation after the failed follow through was ok, but then momentum vanished quickly, I tightened my SL a little bit and got out soon. The trade management was ok, but the set-up was not optimal. Again, this one goes on my list of improvement needs.


This one look quite attractive when I entered after some sort of failure test, but I got executed way above the high of the day and then saw it bleeding with low volatility right into my SL. I want to keep this review simple, but as I faced 3 close to 1R losses on long entries on stocks I have to notice that my actions seem not to take into account the overall market, which – again in hindsight – seemed to be overextended around this time (13-16 Dec 2016).

$GNTX – PB Long (0.9)RGENTEX CORP..png

In contrast to the previous one I had the tailwind from the overall market situation on this one, as SP500 was consolidating when entering here. Set-up seemed ok, stock broke out after tight consolidation and I tightened my SL, but then got hit by the gap open after earnings. Not much more to say except shit happens.

$EFX – PB Short (1.0)REQUIFAX INC..png

The entry does not look so compelling on the daily chart, but reasonable attractive on the weekly. In hindsight I think I should have tried to enter a little lower than my actual enty, to avoid being sucked into the trade but such false breakout. In the end I got lucky to have been stopped out the day before a gap up. In summary, too tight entry.

$PPC – PB Short (1.0)RPILGRIM S PRIDE.png

Not much to say beyond F-U… Good set-up, gap down open and entry short and being stopped out in less than 90min… I cannot see anything wrong, except the result…

$AGN – PB Long (1.0)RALLERGAN PLC.png

Again, I’d say rather bad luck. Got sucked into false breakout by a few points only. Both entry and exit points seem aggressive but still reasonable.


In hindsight maybe a little too tight SL, but would not have changed the result. The trend was and is very solid, but maybe there are better set-ups out there with less agressive countertrend “shocks”.

$JPM- PB Long (0.9)RJP MORGAN CHASE & CO..png

Just did not work out. The whole market set back, especially financials. Got a terrible execution here as well, and need to look into the concept of getting out if not strong into the close.


Picture perfect trade… only opposite direction… Nothing I can see wrong with it, except not re-entering, but I had it on my list and simply chose other entries.

$ES- PB Long (1.0)RMini S&P500 Full0617 Future.png

The set-up is very reasonable but I have to think deeper about the concept of only holding into a strong close. This would have saved me here.


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