Trade Review – 2017Q1 Winners

$GC – PB Short 1.8RGold Full0417 Future.png

Worked out well. As I could only trade 1 contract I could not partially exit and I think the decision to get out was appropiate although there was a last push. Definitely got the meat of that swing.


Difficult to imagine a trade working out better than  this one. The entry could have been another suck into a failed breakout and it’s good to see that there the luck can also be on my side. Very healthy uptrend and as I am writing this, the stock is up on my WL in case we see a washout in the market to enter near the bottom of the now complex PB.

$TF – PB Long 1.6RRussell 2000 Index Mini Full0317 Future.png

Very quick and clean move. This was a Waverly Advisors trade, simply followed it.


Good example of not tightening the SL too fast. Again, took a few days to lift off and patience paid off. I liked the trade management, as I took disciplined 1st PT and then waited with tight SL.


Another one that could have gotten the other way to remind me how close winners and losers are most of the times.

$CGNX – PB Long 1.5RCOGNEX CORP..png

Borderline PB and BO. I exited all at the 1st PT as this seemed to be quite overextened especially on the HTF and the candle showed a long shadow.


That was a weird one. Entry was perfect, again a Waverly Advisors suggestion. On the first day after exit I was going to take profits at 1.5R but mixed up buy with sell and all of a sudden had more exposure than I wanted. Now my trading plan states to correct such errors immediately but as the stock fell like a stone, instead of buying immediately I simply trailed it with a stop and never got executed. I kept the SL tight over the range and finally got executed the day of the earnings announcement. So there were a few things that did not work as planned, I could have entered immediately and I could have reduced my position before the day of earnings, but I think it was worth the risk. There seemed to be way more downside potential and the worst case scenario for me would have been an overnight gap likely resulting in something close to a flat trade. I really think my decision was driven by being aggressive rather than being greedy.


This one went against the sharp market correction. Used a wider SL as this was hybrid BO-like set-up with likely sharp volatility increase. Took all profits after having moved my PT further up as it seemed overextended. Now let’s be clear, this is not aligned with my business plan! Either I change my plan or I change my action. I have absolutely no problem with seeing this to rocket to 300+ as long as full profit taking is part of my BP, but cannot do this if my plan says otherwise.

I am planning to rewrite my BP the upcoming week and currently considering to take out more levels of discretion taking this close to an automatic approach at least for certain set-ups.


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