Week 2017-14 – Report


Was ok. I notice different levels of effort on different days, but I think it is ok. I have to face many constraints, so I have to adapt and I can surely say that I did not miss any single day to screen since I started the blog, even if there were days were screening was quick and superficial.







I had a lot of goals/tasks from last week and as expected was not able to meet them all. I started with my priority to look through all my backtested trades and select the most appealing to me on my discretion. Surprisingly (or not) most of them did not look appealing at all. The once I selected had a lower R than the sample and I started to dislike the approach. This may seem flipflopping directionless – and it probably is – but I think I do not have a better alternative.

I think I really have to manually backtest my pullbacks stock by stock which will be a huge task. This thinking process led to skip the rest of the tasks for now as they lack sense for now.

I still set-up the MR approach, faced some troubles but finally managed to start trading it with share size 1 on Friday. I have set up trades for Monday but will be out the whole week, so full go live (with share size 1) will be thereafter, but the prep work is done.


All exactly the same as last week.

Still maintaining the chain for screening, execution and meditation unbroken which is the core of my work.

Meditation is slipping too much. I only do 5min before falling asleep. Need to improve and also revisit targets for sport and training.


I screwed up my log file and saved it. Fortunately Dropbox offers a way to recover previous versions with the same name – great feature that saved my ass. Only took me 2 days to figure it out…

Looked again into slowness of IB TWS without success. Need to check back with customer support.


I have delayed working on the business plan by one or two weeks as I first need to finish the other pending steps.

Tasks for next week

Nothing, as I will be out. I will take my laptop in case I see a chance to work on point 1.

  1. Update BP. Incorporate trial period for mean reversion approach, revisit pullback and define level of discretion, think about how to embed Waverly Advisors’ trades.
  2. For pullbacks: set-up manual backtest environment and plan
  3. Clean up backtesting, document it and store it on Dropbox in a structured way.
  4. FX MR. Seems a promising concept and need to dig deeper into it. Try first with charting game to see whether the set-ups seem attractive (whatever that means)
  5. Profit taking. Concept of SL tightening based on anticipating MACD. Active profit taking etc.
  6. Analyze concept of entering a trade only on strong close (otherwise get out and re-try next day)

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