Week 2017-17 – Report


Was ok.


Got a margin call yesterday again.


Digging deep into FX on 30min time frame. Beyond the promising mean reversion approach I revived also a quite old breakout approach.

I cleaned up the files, linked them to the chart files and will have to look into them further from how they really “look”, but for now I am quite happy and mildly optimistic.


On Saturday I broke my chain for meditation. I could blame my heavy home improvement work or relaxing too much after children were out that day, but I missed and it is in line with my poor commitment in general and seen in prior weeks. 5min before falling asleep is ok for one day, but not for 4 weeks and more in a row.

Here is the broken chain.


I cleaned up my backtest files.


Updated my business plan after Q1.

Tasks for next week

One clean and measurable task:

  • Finish clean up of backtests and store all on Dropbox

Furthermore, I’d like to focus on a more conceptual idea that is difficult to put into clearly defined steps:

  • Think about trade management (what options, how to backtest, partial profit taking, enter only on strong close, concept of SL tightening based on anticipating MACD, active profit taking etc.)

Last, from prior weeks still pending, but would like to take a step back and think first about trade management before going back to these.

  • For pullbacks: set-up manual backtest environment and plan
  • FX MR. Seems a promising concept and need to dig deeper into it. Try first with charting game to see whether the set-ups seem attractive (whatever that means)

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