About me

I was born 1975 and grew up in Germany.
I liked architecture but soon noticed that I was more inclined to numbers and graduated as a structural civil engineer, moved to Madrid/Spain and somehow ended up in a risk management role in a large corporation in the energy business.

I am happily married and we have two beautiful and bright children. This basically also resumes of what I am doing in my “free” time. I am reluctant to say aloud that I run, workout and read frequently, as those habits have come and gone over the last few years dependent on my nights’ potential to sleep having 2 small kids.

I have the hope that in the mid-term future I may be able to travel and dedicate some time to photography as I did before having a family and maybe even do some surfing.

I am a German native speaker, and am business fluent in Spanish and English.
I furthermore passed all three level of the CFA program, although I do not qualify to hold the title as I am lacking the required professional experience to do so.