I created this site for 2 main reasons:

To create accountability
To create structure in my thoughts, my approach and my actions


Some information about me. I am not giving my real name which may be contradictory to my goal to create accountability, but for now I think I am not ready yet. There may be some psychological work to be done yet, but I prefer to take smaller steps for now.

Trading Plan:

This is an insight into the structure of the document that governs all my trading action and some of its content. I actually did not find many real world examples of real traders sharing real plans, so I thought this may be a small gift to others to pay back a little to the trading community that provided me with so many free sources.

The Business:

I consider trading as something more than just a hobby. A professional approach requires a professional structure and what would be closer than structuring my trading activities just as a business. It may be a bit nerdy, but it helps me to really focus better on each of the details and routines required to successfully trade.


Here I am sharing my weekly business reports where basically every function gets evaluated on its weekly performance and gets goals and instructions for the upcoming week.
I am also planning to share a few thoughts on trading and trading-related topics.


First a few tools, links etc. I am using which are all completely free.
Second, I am planning to build a few “tools” to train myself, mainly in MS Excel or other MS Office basis, and I am happy to share them with others.

I am not planning to sell anything neither now nor anytime in the future, nor do I plan to push this site or any of its content, so I do not expect much traffic if at all.
If you still found your way to read this and have some feedback or feel like-minded and wish to get in contact, feel free to send me an e-mail to