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Week 2017-03 – Report


Screening was ok this week, there is an abundance of set-ups on the long side, the WL is full, but so is the PF.


Execution was daily, but not flawless. I entered $NFLX with 10x risk/position due to misreading my position size calculator. (Un)fortunately I noticed immediately and corrected w/o impact to my account. Now not enough with that, I took partial profit but forgot to update the size of my SL order which was triggered yesterday right before close after tightening it to ~LOD, so I was left with an undesired short position. As I am writing this I got my buy order filled outside market hours at a LMT price lower than my sell order yesterday, i.e. flat now. At least I did not hesitate to correct my errors.


After weeks of relentless Excel macro backtesting I took a break. At some point I will have to write a report on what I have and where I want to go with my further backtesting.

Yesterday I started to pick up some Python courses. I do not want to be too optimistic, just trying to catch up some knowledge, my day job is challenging this days, so not sure if I can keep up.


Still sick, now for close to 2 weeks. Targeting to get back to run next week. No meditation at all, the only positive thing to report is writing a journal yesterday. I feel kind of embarrassed…


No activity this week


No report due this week

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