The Business

I am facing one of my main challenges in maintaining discipline and follow through on my approach due to a lack of structure and organization in my activities. There is a lot of focus in trading literature on dealing trading as a business and this document is obviously a first and important step, but little can be found on the How to treat it as a business, especially when you have a lot of other things going on in life. In short, I decided to structure my business – as a business.

  • Simplifies tasks and roles into structured and manageable chunks
  • Fits to what I know in terms of professional experience
  • Reinforces concept of treating trading as a business
  • Gives each task a priority role as once you are working in that role, you have a clear mission and goals
  • Fosters “competition” between functions. Audit will be merciless with other functions etc.


Each functions’ workflow can be derived from the tasks outline below. Furthermore each function has to report on a weekly basis what has been done and achieved. The report serves to foster accountability and give the CEO the necessary insight for the performance review and to take corrective actions.