Why trade?

For me trading is the ultimate game. At first I was interested because of the money one could make, but after plenty of years… well, it is still about the money… but it is also an objective game where everybody plays the best they can, so there are no excuses somebody did not really play, there are no shortcuts, not too many “unfair” advantages due to your social background, better education etc. It is the most direct way to make money, there are no other elements in between, no customers, no hierarchies, no business politics, no other market dynamics beyond the pure financial market movements, in some way it is the simplest game of all.

I heard Adam Grimes once commenting the question about what are the most important aspects of trading comparing this with a question like what is the most important part of a plane – you need everything. This reflects the beauty of the challenge to successfully trade for me. Neither the best mathematician wins the game, nor the best programmer, nor the most knowledgeable in transactions, financial theory or whatever, nor the most creative, nor the most stoic, most mindful, best pattern recognizer. You must be good at everything and good at bringing it together and fine-tuning it extremely well.

When I say it is about the money I actually mean the financial freedom that comes with it. My initial idea when undertaking this journey was clearly to achieve financial freedom, give up my day job, trade from a house with view to the Mediterranean… I did not fully give up on all of this, but life and trading taught me that things usually do not work out exactly as in my dream but the future may contain at least some elements of my dream. I realized that the journey is more rough than expected and the challenges and obstacles are by magnitudes bigger than I thought (and I never considered it to be easy as some people try to sell it).

On the other hand, I was surprised that the rewards are “broader” than I initially thought. My trading efforts resulted in a new interest in learning techniques, peak performance, meditation, growth mindset, the world of probabilities and statistics, programming, food, interior design and DIY things (I have built some really cool furniture and learned to do most of the home improvement stuff on my own).